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Brown Bear Medicinals is committed to providing safe natural medicines to prevent dis-ease, treat illness, reduce pain, and to promote health.

We are a registered cooperative and have brought together a team of dedicated and mature leaders; each with their own unique skills and experience.

Brown Bear Medicinals is a "green" and an ethical company. We share a global perspective and realize our world is built on the quality of relationships. We are impeccable in our commitment to the protection of the environment, and organic & sustainable farming.

The offices and processing facilities are located on a 6 acre site on the west side of Grand Forks British Colombia. The surrounding Boundary region offers a wide range of natural micro-climates and an abundance of indigenous herbs.

We offer wildcrafted seeds and plant material as well as some local domestic herbs. We are reproducing and storing heritage seed varieties and have plans for expanding these seed collections.

A number of small acreages and plots of various sizes are available for custom growing.

Brown Bear Medicinals is working co-operatively with advocacy groups and supporters of medical marijuana, and is currently applying for a licence from the federal government for the right to grow and experiment with this natural medicine.

For further information:
Phone: 250-442-5166 / Fax: 250-442-5167 / E-mail:


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