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Fossil fuels leak thousands of gallons into lakes, rivers and seas,not counting the exxon valdeez. World cotton yearly uses 1/4 million tons of petro-sides. Cutting rainforests,ancient cypress or redwoods,makes ones soul cry. Eco-systems destroyed, undocumented species extinct,am I angry, what do you think? Corporate farms,workers poisoned for less than minimum wage. Natives,family farms and poor,loosing more every day. Peoples,starving through-out the earth,seniors and children mal-nutritioned since birth. Jurys filled with corporate and government employees,while prisons rise faster than low income housing. Seniors jailed for illegally smiling. Fertilizer fluoridation. Education depravation administrated on and by teachers,cops and preachers,mo money for building brownshirts and bleechers. The hemp parchment constitution,by-passed to "ends justify means" rules. Illiteracy and unemployment maintain a steady labor pool. Selling old growth forests to pay the "drug war" debt,pharmaceuticals tell us herbs are a threat. Street people forced to dive into dumpsters, a war crime in Geneva, none of it need happen if we just used the,stalks and seeds of sativa, or the Cannabis flowers for medicinal needs,only we the people can stop this greed. squads eradicating FARMaceuticals,getting 99.28% Food,Fuel and Fiber. Little flipper babies of thalidomide,once banned,now FDA rebirthed to battle the heathen devil weed. The Korpse reap,with meat,4/1,cows/Mericans. Eating 80% of our, (half gone Ogalala reservoir watered,pestoherbofertolized) Ag. 1/12 ratio meat/grain. Waste dung rising nitrates,causing mutated deformed,anti-choice,bible belt babies. Reefer mad cowboys spraying agent orange. Kill grouse,pheasant homes and the most nutritionally complete food on the planet. Now Israeli science says: CANNABIS PREVENTS BRAIN DAMAGE!


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