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My name is Mary Bair


I attended a workshop in June of 1998 and bought 3 storefronts
on the Galaxy Mall or so I thought that I had bought 3 storefronts.
Two weeks later I was contacted by a salesman from Galaxy who told me 
of the "mentoring" program and if I had a credit card I could sign up
for the program. My site would be up and I would be able to pay off 
the credit card within 60 to 90 days with the sales of my book.

I did everything I could to promote my site by registering on 
search engines, subscribing to newsgroups and trying to get site
linked to other sites. I even paid to have my storefront listed on 
search engines. 

After 15 months, I had paid nearly $7000. and had sold 5 books
for a total of $99. I felt like a complete failure though I knew
how much time I had spent on the computer trying to promote my 
storefront. Nothing seemed to help....

Then I got an email from a woman in California who asked me if 
I was happy with my storefront on the Galaxy Mall. I answered her
with a question "Who are you?" I said if she would give me
her telephone number I would call her.  I did and then I KNEW 

Is that where you are ?


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