June 14, 2000

We Lost A Very Special Friend!

Peter McWilliams Passes Away






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Drug War Hypocrites Kill A Troublesome Author!


Death Of A Crusader


Another Drug War Victim


Peter McWilliams R.I.P.


Murder In California


Learning From Peter McWilliams



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Rest In Peace!


Libertarians Mourn Passing of Medical Marijuana Activist


Letter Of Condolence!


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 Medical Marijuana Magazine




Peter Trial




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 Our Friends!

This Page Is Dedicated To Our Friends That Were Met Online

While Working Towards The Reform

Of Our Current Drug Policy Laws!

Our Friends!


Updated June 16, 2000


B.C. To Ottawa: "This Bud's" For You - May 6th, 2000



Health Canada calls for tenders to supply

 high-grade medical cannabis.

British Columbia's multi-billion-dollar pot industry 

has a chance to go legit with the news 

Friday that Health Canada is calling for tenders to supply

 high-grade medical marijuana. 


Green House



Compassion Flower Inn blooms in the national spotlight,

 cultivating a safe haven for medical marijuana.

You’ve probably heard at least one of the giggly jokes 

or catchy phrases already. There are so many. 

The cops show up and you hear 30 toilets flushing. 

A doobie under every pillow. “His” and “hers” bongs in every room. 

The Foster’s Freeze across the street is going to start delivering.

 Hemp Hotel. Marijuana Motel.

 Indica Inn. Pot Palace. 

Reefer mattress.

 High-class joint. 


Pictures From The Compassion Flower Inn!





New June 29, 2000



Todd McCormick's New Home Page


The Medical Marijuana Mission


Is My Medicine Legal Yet?


UK Medicinal Cannabis Project


Current Medical Marijuana


Cannabis News!


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AIDS Victim Hammered By Pot Charge

Imagine This:

You're a juror in a criminal case.

The defendant is whisked into the room

 in a wheelchair.

He's gagged. His attorney follows.

 He's gagged, too.

The federal government's prosecuting attorneys

 are present at their table.

They aren't gagged.

The prosecutors outline the case 

against the defendant.




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American Medical Marijuana Association


215 NOW!


Liberatarians Launch Prop. 215 Web Site

Inspired by The Kubby's Arrest!




Uphold The Law

Written By Steve Kubby


Medicinal Marijuana Trial Delayed!

Cannabis News Articles On The Kubby Case!



Cannabis News


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Current News Updated Daily!

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Renee Boje's Story!

November 9th, 1999



Medical Pot Advocate Offers To Drop Extradition Fight


Extradition Hearing Adjourned for Woman


Canada and US in Drug Debate



A US Woman Wanted In California

For Conspiring To Sell Marijuana

Is Fighting Extradition From Canada

On The Grounds That She Is

A Political Refugee

From The War on Drugs.




I Cannot Use Medical Defense at Trial


Written By Peter McWilliams

November 6th, 1999


In The Most Kafkaesque Turn of Events To Date

The Trial Judge Has Granted The Government's Motion

And Ruled I Cannot Use A Medical Marijuana Necessity Defense

Nor Can I Mention Proposition 215, Marijuana's Medical Usefulness

The 8 Patients Who Get Medical Marijuana Monthly

From The Federal Government,

Or My Medical Condition!



AIDS Patient Pins Hopes on Pot Ruling



For Peter McWilliams

A Federal Appellate Court's Ruling Last Week

That Seriously Ill People Should Be Allowed

To Use Marijuana

With A Doctor's Recommendation

May Be A Lifeline Thrown

To A Dying Man.





Peter and Todd - A Note From Mom


Written By

Ann McCormick


When Todd Was Arrested I Couldn't Help

But Think How This Was The 2nd Time

This Young Man Has Had To Fight

An Overwhelming Enemy For His Very Life.

When Cancer Was The Villain, Marijuana Leveled

The Playing Field And Gave His Body

The Opportunity To Fight The Disease.



Joseph A. Hart, Medical Marijuana Activist!


Joseph Anthony Hart, the Founding Director of Key West Cannabis

a Club Supplying Marijuana for Medical Uses

Died Saturday of Cancer.

He was 51.

Hart, an AIDS Patient, Made a Full-Time Job

of Pushing for Legalization of Marijuana

and Dispensing Marijuana to AIDS Patients

and Others Suffering from Illnesses.



The Kubby Files!




Rest in Peace!

She Loved Those

That Needed Love the Most!


My Brownie Mary Tribute!



This Page Is Dedicated To My Son!

Timothy P. Jones

Who Died of AIDS

On May 27th, 1996

He Was Denied Medical Marijuana!

This Must Stop!


The AIDS Memorial Quilt



The United States of America


Peter McWilliams

D EA Prosecuting AIDS Patients





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