July 1st, 2000


Peter McWilliams Honored 

By Libertarian Party

 With Highest Award!



June 14, 2000

We Lost A Very Special Friend!

Peter McWilliams Passes Away



Drug War Hypocrites Kill A Troublesome Author



Peter McWilliams, 50, author of the 1993 book "Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do:

 The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country," 

and accomplished public speaker on libertarian topics, 

died at home in Los Angeles June 14. 

Struggling for breath in his bathtub, Peter choked to death 

on his own vomit.

But it was not an accident.

McWilliams suffered from both cancer and AIDS.

 A prescribed cocktail of toxic drugs was capable of holding

 his viral load to zero -- in effect, producing complete remission.

 Problem was, these drugs produced such severe nausea 

that McWilliams was unable to keep them 

-- or anything else -- down.

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Rest In Peace Peter! We Will Carry On!

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